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Social Media Starter Kit

HC Link | 2014

This starter kit offers guidance in establishing an organizational social media presence. The resource includes a series of tip sheets and templates that provide a basic structure for each element of an integrated social media strategy, including: a starter sheet to help build your online profile, guidelines for creating a social media plan and policy, a worksheet to facilitate an inventory of your existing communications, as well as ideas for measuring your social media efforts.

The tip sheets and templates are also available as standalone documents:

Social Media Starter Sheet

Social Media Plan Outline

Social Media Policy Outline

Communications Inventory Worksheet

Social Media Measurement Tip Sheet


HC Link Digest PLUS - Social Media (February 24, 2015)

Highlights news and information pertaining to social media and its use in health promotion.


HC Link Materials from Past Learning Events


Webinar Recording: New technology trends, uses, and health promotion implications

This webinar discussed current trends in technology (including social media), how it's being used, and some of the potential health promotion implications.

Webinar Recording: Social Media Clinic - Trends, Tools and Peer Sharing

This webinar presented trends in social media and helpful online collaboration tools, followed by a peer sharing component that allowed participants to discuss questions and share experiences and challenges with peers.


Webinar Recording: Social Media and Healthy Communities - How to Get Started

This webinar explored how social media can help organizations further their work in and with healthy communities. A hands-on how-to get started and to make sure you know your organization's purpose for being online and what you want to share online.


Webinar Recording: Social Media Overview – Getting a Grasp of the Basics

This webinar was a basic introduction to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr and LinkedIn. It provides an understanding of the different purposes and engagement levels of each tool, as well as "social media" culture and values.




The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits

The Greenlining Institute | 2013






Social Media at CDC

In particular, see Media Toolkit, Writing for Social Media under Guidance Tools








Something to Tweet About: A guide to social media for charities 

Social Misfits Media & Aegis Media | 2013










Beth’s Blog


Blogging Best Practices


Best Practices for Non-Profits on Twitter


Health Nexus' Social Media resource page




Social Media Examiner

Highlights news and information pertaining to the built environment, with support from Green Communities Canada.