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PowerReflectionThumbThe Power of Reflection: An introduction to participatory evaluation techniques

HC Link | 2016

This @ a glance resource (also in French) presents a brief theoretical introduction to participatory evaluation, guidance on how to begin as well as three simple evaluation techniques that can be used by any community group or network. It offers practical and adaptable approaches to:

  • inform the development phase of a partnership,
  • reflect on group dynamics and processes, and/or
  • identify results after a project or community event.





Results-Based Accountability Session 3 – Putting it All Together: Population & Performance

HC Link | 2012 





Results-Based Accountability Session 3 – Putting it All Together

HC Link | 2012 






Results-Based Accountability Session 2 - Performance Measures in Real Life Settings 

 HC Link | 2012 




Results-Based Accountability Session 2 - Performance Accountability

HC Link | 2012 






Results-Based Accountability Session 1 - Population Accountability

HC Link | 2012





Results-Based Accountability Session 1 -Application of Population Measures

HC Link | 2012



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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 1 Introduction 

HC Link | 2011

This issue in the Measuring Partnership Effectiveness series provides an overview of some of the many approaches to evaluating the functioning of partnerships and the work they do as well as some principles that should guide decision-making early on in the process.



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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 2 Tools

HC Link | 2011

This issue in the Measuring Partnership Effectiveness series describes a number of existing tools and resources that can help you evaluate your partnership’s effectiveness. We identify the strengths and limitations of each tool so you can quickly identify which ones might suit your local needs.




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Evaluation @ a Glance

Ontario's Heart Health Resource Centre | 2008
This newsletter explores the importance of evaluation, distinguishes between several types of evaluation, and references additional online resources.








Building a Culture of Evaluation: 30 Ideas to Apply to Your Organization

Community Solutions Planning and Evaluation | 2010






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Results-Based Accountability for Healthy Communities Partnerships

 The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute | 2010 




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Pathfinder Advocate Edition: A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation

Innovation Network, Inc | 2009 
This guide is an introduction to advocacy evaluation from the advocate's perspective. It is not a detailed how-to. Reading it won't mean you can go out and evaluate your advocacy work single-handedly. But it will give you a sense of what is involved in advocacy evaluation and help you get the most from an evaluation when the time comes.





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The Evaluation Exchange - A periodical on emerging strategies in evaluation

Harvard Family Research Project | 2007
This issue of The Evaluation Exchange helps to build this new field by defining advocacy and policy change evaluation and summarizing the new developments shaping it. The issue describes how advocacy and policy change evaluations differ from other evaluations and offers examples of what those differences look like in real-life evaluation practice. It also features the voices of funders and advocates, who explain what they want from evaluation. And it offers descriptions of new tools—both written and electronic—that we can draw on for ideas.




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Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide  

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute



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Results-Based Accountability Website

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute and The Santa Fe Policy Studies Institute




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The Evaluation Exchange

The Harvard Family Research Project