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HC Link maintains resource listings that offer a range of relevant information, research, strategies and tools on a variety of topics to support the development of healthy communities. For each of the topics listed in the left-hand menu, you will find resources developed by HC Link and other credible organizations.

Our Latest Resources


Community Engagement

HC Link | 2018

This resource describes various levels and types of community engagement, outlines important considerations, and provides tips on how to develop and manage a successful community engagement effort. A list of resources is provided to support further investigation of this topic.


 What Successful Partnerships Do: A series of practical guides

The 3-part series was originally developed in French.


Planning for Partnership

HC Link | 2017

This resource defines working in partnership and the various levels of working in partnership. It provides an overview of the essential requirements for putting a partnership in place and details some activities required for dynamic and effective partnerships.


Effective Meetings

HC Link | 2017

Meetings can be an efficient way to disseminate information, obtain feedback, or make collective decisions. This short resource offers advice on the necessary components of effective meetings, broken down into three simple steps.


How to create a functional, effective advisory committee

HC Link | 2017

Putting an advisory committee in place can be a good way to involve and engage the community in your organization’s work. This basic guide will help community organizations use best practices for creating advisory committees as an element of supporting community engagement.


What Successful Partnerships Do: 6 Key Activities

HC Link | 2017

Today, more and more organizations are being called upon to work in partnership, and so having capacity for developing and maintaining effective partnerships has become necessary. This factsheet outlines 6 key activities of successful community partnerships.



Participatory Evaluation Toolkit

HC Link | 2017

The toolkit (also in French) defines evaluation, identifies what makes participatory evaluation unique, and reviews some important considerations for any evaluation. It describes key qualities to make sure your participatory evaluation activities are both empowering and effective, and outlines steps for coordinating evaluation activities. Following this, are descriptions of seven participatory evaluation techniques to help you(re)inform, (re)align, and (re)energize your collaborative efforts.


Facilitation for Healthy Communities Toolkit

HC Link | 2017

This toolkit provides a quick and easy reference guide to using seven different facilitation techniques: Ice Breakers, Visioning, 1-2-4-All, Wise Crowds, Appreciative Inquiry, Generating & Prioritizing Ideas, and Popular Theatre.