Falls Prevention - Intersectoral Collaboration in Action


The Middlesex-London Falls Prevention Collaborative is a newly formed committee brought together to work collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate falls prevention activities across the care continuum in Middlesex- London. The Collaborative, which is chaired by Amy Mak, a Public Health Nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit, brings together a diverse group of individuals representing different sectors including: public health, primary care (Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres), acute care (Emergency Medical Services, hospitals), community care organizations (i.e. Victorian Order of Nurses, Community Care Access Centre, CNIB, Arthritis Association, etc.), university academics, as well as organizations offering recreational and social services to the community’s seniors.

seniorsilhouetteSeveral months into its work, the Collaborative approached HC Link to request support with planning and facilitation of its work. HC Link’s consultant Kim Hodgson has worked with the group to plan Collaborative meetings, and to facilitate the group’s discussions around mandate, goals and strategic directions, and to encourage the group to think about how to engage organizations and individuals with an interest in the issue of falls prevention, who may not be “at the table”. The group recently learned about Collective Impact and the Constellation Model of governance, to organize their thinking about how they want to work together.

“In the past, I have worked with local community partners and have chaired small work groups. However, I felt unprepared when it came to gathering people from different sectors across the continuum of care to work on an issue as complex as falls in older adults. ...Having an outside facilitator, such as Kim from HC Link, has provided me with great support and guidance in the collaborative process.”
- Amy Mak, Chair, Middlesex-London Falls Prevention Collaborative

The Collaborative has accomplished a substantial amount of work in a short time, including the completion of an environmental scan to look at “who’s doing what”, and work is underway to create an inventory of programs and services available in the community. The Collaborative takes time at each of its meetings to learn about each organization’s mandate and activities and to share information about professional development opportunities. Amy Mak reflects: “I have learned that working in collaboration is a fluid process. A lot of learning is ahead of us as we continue to create our collaborative path with its twists and turns!"

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