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Linking for Healthy Communities 2017
will explore how communities can work with EVERYONE to create communities healthy for EVERYONE. HC Link’s conference will be a safe, open space for curiosity, self-reflection and conversation about how to work across difference to build more inclusive communities.

Sessions will cover equity, diversity, cultural humility, inclusion and allyship, with a focus on youth, ethnoracial, Francophone, and Indigenous communities.

Program Highlights

  • Hear Kim Katrin Milan, community organizer and advocate of equality & inclusion, deliver the opening keynote address

  • Choose from 10 skill-building, interactive workshops

  • Come to our Human Library Café to talk with and learn from people with different life experiences

  • Enjoy a playback theatre performance from Branch Out Theatre that will bring reflections on the conference to life

  • Attend the learning exchange for Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) Local Project Managers

  • Experience French-language activities throughout the conference agenda, including the Franco Pavilion

  • Move your body with Ophea's PARC, our conference physical activity partner


Opening Keynote Speaker – Kim Katrin Milan

KimMatrinKim Katrin Milan is a dynamic community organizer and advocate of equality and inclusion. As a writer, consultant and educator, she helps people build their ability to relate to others - especially to those who, on the surface, may seem quite different than ourselves.

Through current media and local examples, Kim’s keynote address - Centring the Margins - will deepen our understanding of the concepts of equity, bias, intersectionality, cultural competency, allyship and inclusion. She will inspire and equip us with practical takeaways and actionable strategies to make diversity and equity a greater consideration.

Visit our Presenters page for more information on Kim!


Learning Workshops

These 10 interactive skill-building workshops will provide experiential learning of practical strategies, tools and skills as well as opportunity for participants to explore how they can apply it to their own context.    

What Successful Partnerships Do: An equity and inclusion lens (handout, Partner Contribution Matrix)

Reflection and Action on the Impact of Power & Privilege in Health Equity Practice

Practicing Equity with Cultural Humility 

Nation to Nation: Strengthening Relationships with Indigenous Communities

Actionable Knowledge & Helpful Tools for Engaging Young People from Diverse Backgrounds

Working With the Priorities of People Living In Poverty

Facilitating Community Conversations on Inclusion

Reflecting on Equity and Inclusion in Leadership

Vers le développement de partenariats dynamiques, effectifs et durables (handout)

Les 5 disciplines de la gouvernance synergique

Visit our Presenters page for the line-up of engaging presenters!


Franco Pavilion

HC Link is dedicated to upholding and promoting French-language exchange and services. Our French pavilion at the conference will help connect you to French speakers and service providers through such as activities as:

• mini presentations by experts that focus on francophone community priorities;
• an open marketplace where various francophone agencies will showcase their services; and
• a mural space where you can either offer or search for a service, resource, or expertise. Bilingual volunteers will help you out by finding people who would like to receive your services or by contacting the experts or service providers you are looking for.

Whether you are a francophone, francophile, or simply interested in learning more about franco-centric communities, come join us during our 3-hour pavilion exposition on Day 1 of the conference. 


Healthy Kids Community Challenge Learning Exchange

Local Project Managers (LPMs) are invited to join the Healthy Kids Community Challenge sustainability workshop offered just for them. The 3-hour workshop will take place on Day 1 of the conference and will be a great opportunity to for LPMs to get together & connect with fellow LPMs and discuss sustainability strategies. For more information, visit the HKCC Source.

Closing Presentation

branchoutBranch Out Theatre facilitates and creates innovative, participatory theatre workshops and productions to empower personal and collective transformation. They motivate community building, creative play, self-expression, critical reflection, collaborative leadership, and set the stage to rehearse towards social change.

Their interactive Playback Theatre performance at the end of Day 2 will bring participants’ reflections on the conference to life as they recognize and learn from the diversity and universality of their experience.


PARC is our conference Physical Activity PartnerPARClogo

HC Link is excited to have the Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) as physical activity partner for our 2017 Linking for Healthy Communities conference. PARC will “activate” our event by providing opportunities to move our bodies and keep active throughout the conference.




For more information about the conference, including the venue, bursary and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the main conference page.