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HC Link News Digest PLUS - May 1, 2013 - Highlights some recent news and views pertaining to injury prevention.


 Moving Forward with Injury Prevention

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre | 2011

This webinar will provide an understanding of injury as a Population Health problem and discuss the approaches to preventing injury.



HCCHealth Care in Canada, 2011: A Focus on Seniors and Aging

Canadian Institute for Health Information | 2011

This report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information on seniors and aging offers updated stats on seniors and falls, health care useage, and suggests fall prevention is an important strategy to keep seniors healthy.






Alcohol Related Injury Evidence-Based Practice Synthesis Document

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre | 2008
The purpose of this document is to inform Ontario public health professionals and their community partners of evidence-informed practice in Alcohol Related Injury in preparation for the implementation of the Prevention of Injury and Substance Misuse standard of the Ontario Public Health Standards and Protocols. The document addresses the role of alcohol policy and social environment factors, including local and provincial policies that increase the likelihood for an individual to engage in alcohol use including: increased affordability, increased availability and accessibility to alcohol - increased hours of sale, number of outlets and location; real and perceived social norms that are contrary to low risk drinking guidelines; increased prevalence of advertising and sophisticated marketing strategies aimed at vulnerable populations (e.g., youth) and normalization of drinking to the point where choosing to abstain, either for an event or a longer term, is considered abnormal and in need of justification.




Toolkit of Evaluation Methods and Measures

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre 
The evaluation toolkit is designed specifically for use by injury prevention staff who require easy to access, useful resources to plan and implement evaluations of injury prevention programs, projects and other activities.






Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre 





Motor Vehicle-Related Injury Prevention

The Community Guide Systematic Reviews
The Community Guide includes systematic reviews of interventions in the area of child safety seats, seat belts and strategies to reduce impaired driving.
Review of specific interventions: