About our Consulting Services

HC Link consulting services are customized to meet your needs and help you to achieve your community goals. Our consultants provide valuable resources, tools, problem-solving, advice and mentorship in a variety of areas.

Our consulting services are funded by the Government of Ontario and are provided free of charge, when possible.

Our consultants have helped organizations develop strategic plans, build partnerships, plan and facilitate workshops and meetings, and create policies. Our consultants are one of HC Link's biggest assets – with their extensive experience, knowledge and approachable manner, they can help you identify next steps for your organization or project and provide support to you along the way. No two services are the same, our consulting services will be specific to your needs and applied to the context in which you work. See examples of past services and read what others are saying about HC Link!

Our consulting services complement and build upon the other HC Link services we provide. If one of our events or resources has sparked the desire for you to take a more in-depth look at an issue or explore a new process to help you with your work, our consulting services may be just what you are looking for!

Requesting a service from us is easy – simply fill out this quick online form. Still not exactly sure what you need? Call us at 1-855-847-1575 to further explore your service needs and desired outcomes. Let's start a conversation and see where it leads!

HC Link's consulting services are available in both English and French. We are committed to supporting Francophone groups throughout Ontario as well as organizations looking at developing their capacity to deliver French language services.

The mentoring that [the HC Link consultant] has provided to me has been very valuable. Really, I don't think we could have gotten where we are without her. We wouldn't have had the funds to hire that person.


If you have questions about our consulting services, we have answers!

How do we deliver our consulting services?

Our consulting services are designed to support your particular situation and needs in order to reach the outcomes of your project or work. Whether you are looking for in-person, phone or online assistance, one-on-one or group support, or even a full-day workshop or meeting with multiple partners, there are many options. You might require our services one-time only, or you may require continued support over time. Together, we will discuss all these options and determine how we can best serve you.

Do we work with groups like you?

HC Link's consulting services are available to community groups, organizations and partnerships working to build healthy communities across Ontario. We work with a wide variety of groups from grassroots agencies and coalitions to public health departments to municipalities.

EN sector reach

What do we mean by healthy communities?

HC Link takes a holistic view of communities, recognizing that all sectors of the community are interrelated and that social, environmental and economic factors are all important determinants of human health and well-being. Some qualities of healthy communities include: safe physical environment; equity and social justice; adequate access to food, shelter, income, health care and recreation; strong support networks; opportunities for learning and skill development; wide participation of residents in decision-making; and strong cultural heritage. Read more on Healthy Communities.

If your group or organization is working to improve any of the factors that influence the health of your community and its members, then you are working in the area of healthy communities and are eligible for our services.

How can we support your work?

HC Link consulting services are customized to meet your needs and help you to achieve your community goals. Our consultants provide valuable resources, tools, problem-solving, advice and mentorship that support you in:

  • building partnerships and working together with other organizations and sectors

  • developing your group's strategic plan

  • involving and engaging community members in your work

  • planning, developing, implementing and evaluating your programs

  • integrating equity and the social determinants of health into your work

  • building your organization’s ability to work in French and/or with Francophones

  • creating or changing policies and working with decision-makers

  • specific topic areas related to healthy communities, such as the built environment, food systems, social media, issues that affect youth, collective impact and many more

HC Link can provide you with expertise in a wide range of healthy community topics and health promotion approaches:

  • community engagement

  • partnership development

  • strategic planning

  • FLS (French Language Services) capacity building

  • policies that improve health

  • social media

  • built environment

  • local food systems planning

  • active transportation

  • rural issues

  • issues that affect youth (substance use, resiliency, engagement)

  • health equity

Is your area of work or topic not on this list?

If there is something that you would like more information or support on, call us and ask about it. We work closely with other agencies and will refer you to the right source if we do not have the expertise within our organization.

Is there a cost for our consulting services?

All of our services are funded by the government of Ontario and are provided free of charge where possible.

Do you we have any examples of past consulting services?

We have a listing of examples and testimonials from organizations and groups that we have worked with on our website.

How do you request a consulting service?

You can easily request a service from us by filling out this quick online form.

Need assistance to complete the online form?

Call us at 1-855-847-1575 and we can do it with you in real time.

What can you expect when you request a consulting service?

Within two days of requesting a consulting service, we will contact you to discuss your request, determine your needs, and establish a schedule to deliver the service in a format that works best.

Still not sure if our consulting services are right for you?

Call us at 1-855-847-1575 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's see where the conversation leads!