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HC Link consulting services are customized to meet your needs and help you to achieve your community goals. Our consultants provide valuable resources, tools, problem-solving, advice and mentorship in a variety of areas.

Our consulting services are funded by the Government of Ontario and are provided free of charge, when possible.


Featured consultation 
Healthy Built Environments: Building complete communities and complete streets


HC Link consultants will provide expertise and facilitation to help your community better understand the links between health and the design of the built environment. We can work with you (or your community) to identify priority actions to improve active transportation options, rural transportation services and/or create mixed use, complete communities that will better support health.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Connect with other community members, decision makers and stakeholders to set out priorities in your area of focus

  • Learn about:

    • how the built environment can support health

    • what is happening in your community

    • what other communities are doing to support a healthy built environment

  • Share ideas for improvements in your community

  • Strategize around priority projects and actions to accelerate improvements in your community

Consultations can be a full or half day. Call us at 1-855-847-1575 to learn more and request this service!