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New Resource: First Steps to FLS Planning

By Andrea Bodkin, HC Link Coordinator

One of the things that I get really excited about is the work we do in supporting communities and organizations in engaging Francophone communities and delivering French Language Services. In the course of my work, I regularly get to see people that are very passionate about this topic. However the difference with me is that I’m an Anglophone. So why do I feel so strongly about Francophones being able to access services in French?

There are a few reasons- social justice, equity, legal reasons, I work in a bilingual organization and see the importance of it every day etc – all good reasons. My reason is a personal one. A few years ago, inspired by the work that I had been doing in the topic, I decided to take French classes to regain the French skills that I had learned as a child growing up in Quebec. Soon I was faced with the intense frustration that comes from knowing what I wanted to say, but not having the words to be able to say it French, and my own fears about being misunderstood and judged for my lack of ability in French.

I can’t imagine what that would be like when faced with a health or social services emergency, or even something as simple as trying to explain myself at a Services Ontario office in French…..My own personal experience hammered home the importance of Franco-Ontarians being able to access services in their own language.

That is what has inspired me to co-create – first with former colleague Estelle Duchon, and now with my colleague Patrick Delorme- a series of webinars and resources designed to boost the confidence and capacity of Anglophone organizations to engage with Francophone audiences and deliver French Language Services (FLS).

Our latest offering is a webinar presented in June and now a resource called First Steps to Planning French Language Services, available in both English and French. In the resources, Patrick and I outline the reasons for providing services in French, four steps to planning and delivering FLS, and a few key principles.

We hope that this resource- and our past resources such as “How to engage Francophones when you don’t speak French!”- will help you and your organization in your FLS efforts. We’d love to hear more about your experiences, and of course if we can provide support to you, please connect with us!

Helpful Resources from HC Link

This new resource, Getting Started With……Planning French Language Services lists all of HC Link’s existing resources on FLS and engaging and working with Francophones.

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